Spotlight on... Ingolstadt Village

Just 40 minutes from Munich and 50 minutes from Nuremberg, the medieval architecture, famous beer halls and Christmas markets of Bavaria mean there's plenty to explore when you visit Ingolstadt Village. Located in the historic state of Bavaria, Ingolstadt Village makes the perfect starting point for discovering the art museums of Munich and the stunning scenery of the Danube Gorge. All after a bit of shopping, of course.

The Village is home to more than 110 boutiques, showcasing German and international brands including Birkenstock, Michael Kors, Gucci, Versace and Aigner. Some of the more recent arrivals include Jimmy Choo, Armani Outlet and BOSS Hugo Boss.

From the Village, take a trip into the city of Ingolstadt itself. A university town, with some beautiful Gothic architecture, Ingolstadt is the birthplace of Mary Shelley’s fictional monster brought to life by Dr Frankenstein. One of the main attractions is the award-winning car museum Audi Forum Ingolstadt. With classic cars and motorcycles hanging from the ceilings, it's a petrolhead’s dream.

If that's not enough of an engine fix, the Bavarian capital Munich is home to BMW Welt, where you can view BMW, Mini and Rolls Royce vehicles past and present. The city is also renowned for its art galleries, including the Alte Pinakothek. One of the oldest galleries in the world, its collections include works by Rembrandt, da Vinci and El Greco.

In early autumn Munich becomes a party town when it hosts Oktoberfest, arguably the most famous beer festival in Germany. It's an opportunity to sample traditional cuisine, such as pretzels, and dance along to live brass bands.

For something a little more serene, the Danube Gorge, surrounded by fairytale castles, hiking trails and natural forests will give you a taste of the beautiful scenery that abounds in the region. The Weltenburg Monastery is one of the most picturesque stops. Best reached by boat, the monastery sits on a peninsula overlooking the Danube. Founded around 600 AD the beautiful baroque church is a big draw for visitors, as is the beer garden – the monastery houses the world's oldest brewery.


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