The art of aftercare

The finest fibres deserve the finest care – so follow our guide and ensure your cashmere, wool and silks remain flawless, wash after wash.

For cashmere, use a special comb and gently glide over the surface to remove any pilling before washing.
Treat any stains prior to washing with a specially formulated solution. Apply directly to the area and leave to soak.

- Turn your pieces inside out and prepare a sink of tepid water – be sure to use a specially formulated liquid detergent that doesn’t contain any bleach or enzymes.

- Avoid washing with chlorine-based products and don’t soak for a long period of time, instead wash and rinse quickly until the water runs clear.

- For a luxurious finish, soften hard water with half a cap of vinegar to a sink full of water.

- Hand washing is preferred, but if you must machine wash, be sure to protect your pieces in a pillowcase.

- Select a cool wool programme and always wash with similar colours.

- Remove items from the machine promptly to protect against creasing.

- Never tumble dry, wring out or hang up delicate pieces, instead lay them on a towel, roll them up to absorb any excess moisture and then lay flat again to air dry naturally.

- Keep knitwear, particularly cashmere, out of the sun to avoid bleaching the colour.

- Store in a plastic garment bag with a lavender sachet or cedar balls to keep moths at bay.