Ski Soft Luxe: The Looks to Covet

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Make this your most stylish ski season yet...

Ingolstadt Village

When it’s time to hit the slopes, the chances are that you’re headed there for one of two reasons: to ski or to be seen. Everyone deserves a holiday in January, so whether you’re strapping on skis and learning to ‘pizza’ or sitting at the bar eating pizza, we’ve got you covered when it comes to staying stylish. Getting on and off a chairlift requires a degree of mastery in itself, so if you’re going to pull a Bridget Jones-type stunt, let’s ensure you look good while doing so.


If you know how to handle yourself on a board or skis, you’ll know that dressing for the occasion needs to be functional and practical. That doesn’t mean you can’t express your own style, but it does mean that everything you wear needs to have a point – walking in all that gear is tiresome enough so even if the jacket, goggles, hat, scarf, watch and backpack really tie your outfit together, calibrate and decide whether they’re necessary. If you can bag a Chanel board or skis, lucky you, but fitting in with the cool kids is just as attainable with love-worn equipment. You can always embellish with stories about black runs and half pipes.



If you’re legit skiing, you’ll know that making the most of the daylight hours is the key to getting in enough practice and runs. That means you’re rising early without the sun and the temptation is to throw on every piece of clothing you own in order to peel yourself from under the duvet. This is where you need to think wisely: yes, layers are key, but do you want to be in your ex-boyfriend’s university T-shirt when you’re making new friends at the bar afterwards? Nope, definitely not. Choose neutral layers that keep you warm and look good. A merino wool turtleneck and a cashmere sweater will never go amiss.



When you’ve spent the best part of a day sweating in boots that feel like bricks and giant pants that make your legs feel like weights, it doesn’t hurt to head back to your chalet, take a bath and change for the festivities. Aprés ski has evolved to mean more than drying off by a fire with a beer – this is your chance to be seen and soggy ski pants just won’t cut it. Change into some denim (layer fleece leggings underneath for warmth) and bold knitwear that will make you stand out among the crowd.



So you made it to the snow but you’re not down with actually skiing? We get it! Winter sports aren’t something you can just pick up on a weekend break. There’s risk and fear involved, so you really need to be up for it. That doesn’t mean you can’t go on a skiing holiday though; there’s no shame in turning up just for the parties, you just need to create the illusion that you’ve spent a long day on the slopes. Give your cheeks a sweep of blusher to create that wind-burned cheer everyone’s sporting and switch your sporty waterproof for a novelty faux fur jacket that will keep you feeling warm and looking cool.


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