Menswear Masterclass

There’s more to your look than you know. It only takes a quick peek of street style galleries from Fashion Weeks gone by to see there’s a clear set of tribes emerging in the menswear sphere. Time to know and own your clique we say, because it beats going it alone.
The Creative
You sport thick-rimmed glasses and you’re never seen without a high-brow ‘zine or journal to scribble in. Face it, you’re a creative intellectual (sub)consciously modelling your look after a bassist or burgeoning artiste. Your style is part cerebral rebel, part off-duty model.
Swears by: Oversized trench coats and worn-in leather jackets. Distressed jeans, a slim fitting V-neck tee and lace-up boots are part of your daytime uniform. And when you want to dress it up, you opt for skinnies and throw on a denim button-down shirt.
Spotted at: A lesser-known gallery away from the hustle and bustle, debating conceptual art or assemblage. Berlin's Kreuzberg district is your spiritual home.
Soundtrack: Anything new, fresh and undiscovered. Indie bands headlining boutique music festivals home or away – would be on your playlist.

The Contemporary

You know which style blogs are worth their weight in Yeezys. Either you dabble in style blogging or you frequent fashion weeks like an insider. You’re a style-conscious, selfie-savvy gent and you know it. 
Swears by: Designer collaborations and anything making the rounds on the runway will go straight to the top of your wish list. You’re eyeing up slogan tees and certain horsebit loafers as we speak.
Spotted at: FROW at the latest ingénue designer showcase. By night, you can be seen sampling boundary-pushing dishes at an invite-only gastro pop-up.

Soundtrack: Drake, the latest Bieber album and The Weeknd feature heavily on your playlist, though you might not want to admit it. 

The Wanderer

You’d rather be zip-lining, zorbing or exploring the great outdoors than pondering your style. Check, corduroy and plaid all feature heavily in your wardrobe as do trekking boots – obvs – and you’ve made peace with that. You’ve been rocking facial hair since way before the hipsters caught on.
Swears by: Function over fashion. So super lightweight packaway jackets – if it's foldable and rainproof, it’s a win-win in your book. This along with sweatshirts, tapered joggers and a rotating set of breathable, grip-sole trainers. 
Spotted at: 7 am in reflective gear, post workout… because you’ve seized the day!

Soundtrack: It’s either adrenaline pumping or a playlist of mellow beats.

The Sartorialist
You know your Gucci from your Givenchy. You read GQ, Esquire and Mr Porter religiously. And your look is smart and sophisticated, think boardroom minus the briefcase. A wine-tasting gift experience would not be wasted on you. After all, you’re what we – and the rest of the world – refer to as a style savant.
Swears by: Three-piece suits in navy and grey, tailored to perfection, rotate in your weekday wardrobe, as do polished brogues and monk shoes. For an impromptu dinner you would turn to a tuxedo jacket and velvet slippers.
Spotted at: Savile Row, your preferred stomping ground for weekday staples. And when you’re OOO, you can be found sipping on bourbon at an airport VIP lounge.
Soundtrack: The soundtrack to Mad Men, smooth jazz or anything that channels your inner sophisticate.