Festival Snapchat 101

No matter how handy you are with an iPhone – trying to capture your Gigi-inspired make-up, overpriced (but oh-so-photogenic) jackfruit burger and the awkward dancer in the crowd after a few too many rosés is, quite frankly, impossible.

So if you want to induce FOMO in your followers this festival season (and ensure you have some cracking Snapstories backed up for the long journey home) just read on.

Snap hacks

There’s more to Snapchat than face-changing filters; so for those who have moved on from the flower crown, it’s time to discover the number of extra features. Think animated stickers, GIF profile pictures and our favourite Bitmoji add-on that allows users to create their own cartoon character. Total game changer.

Try: Activating airplane mode and creating stories sans Wi-Fi. It will save your data – need we say more?

Change your tune  

Adding music to your video snaps will instantly bring an extra layer of creativity. Just open up a music app and switch back to Snapchat.

Try: Lipsyncing or freestyle dancing when you’re getting ready, the possibilities are endless.

Get creative

We get it, repetition is tempting, but it can get stale fast. So the key is to switch up your snaps. People are less likely to tune into your stories if they know what to expect. From ‘A day in the life’, to DIY tutorials and even Snapchat takeovers – the sky’s the limit with the type of content you can put out.

Try: Changing up your angles. Avoid shooting everything from the same perspective; it will keep your story that much more engaging.

Be real

As real as you can. Snapchat may show a snippet of your life, but it also encourages you to be your authentic self. Take our word for it, honesty is key.

Try: Snapping the simple things. If you’ve nabbed a backstage pass, or spotted a reclusive celeb, it will make your followers feel like they’re in the know.

Re-record... if you must

The best Snapchat stories may look and feel live, but that’s not always the case. You can review your shot before uploading it, so if it looks unflattering or if it’s just plain uninteresting, shoot it again. You can’t help it if you’re a perfectionist.

Try: Effects when all else fails. We’re loving ‘World Lenses’, which will let you add effects such as lights and falling stars to whatever you’re recording.