Shoe secrets

Boris of

Shoe secret #1:
A new pair of shoes can transform and reinvent your look in an instant - I love a native leather moccasin for a fresh take on spring style.

Shoe secret #2:
If your favourite pair of shoes have got caught in the rain, wipe them gently with a towel and leave them to dry on a sheet of newspaper to absorb humidity.

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Martina of

Shoe secret #1:
I'll be opting for a pair of wedges which transform any outfit from day to night.

Shoe secret #2:
I love the combination of skinny jeans and point toe flats. It oozes style and also very comfortable.

Shoe secret #3:
I would love to raid Olivia Palermo's show closet - I may have been inspired by her when purchasing my wedding shoes!

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Damien of

Shoe secret #1:
When it comes to caring for your leather shoes, invest in good polish, brushes and leather treatment - if you look after them, they look after you.

Shoe secret #2:
Shoe trees are amazing for keeping your favourite pair in shape - always look for quality especially in the stitching and the sole.

Shoe secret #3:
For me a shoe should be timeless, elegant and versatile - you should be able to wear the same shoes in 10 years time.

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