Accessories Please

From Art Deco clutch bags to decorative brooches, Harriet Quick shares the accessories at the top of her wish list…


In this era of expressive, individualised fashion, accessories are witnessing a renaissance with a whole array of joyful, playful pieces that add a sense of character to any look. Hunt for designs that are meaningful to you, whether that’s a crystal hair clip or a tapestry handbag.

Right now, personal, symbolic jewellery should be top of any wish list with badges, brooches and pins decorating everything from jackets to heels. More is more – so go for excess with a multitude of crystal clips to ‘do up’ tousled locks and an array of brooches to soup up utilitarian jackets.

Fur purses
Enjoy the visceral appeal of a faux fur or sheepskin handbag. Once worn, you will never forget how friendly they feel to the touch and how effective they can be as icebreakers in social circles. The only word of caution is to keep these furry wonders out of the rain.

Vintage revamp
Fashion is delving through a whole history of style to retrieve long-lost styles that look intriguingly ‘out of time’. Tapestry carpetbags, clutch bags with Art Deco patterns, shagreen purses (polished sharkskin), 70s-style executive briefcases, Mary Jane heels and gentleman’s velvet slippers will soon appear like your personal heirlooms.

Bovver boots
With mid-calf lengths and floaty breezy trapeze dresses on the horizon, there is no better way to anchor down those looks than with a pair of bovver or storm trooper boots. Hefty corrugated soles, multiple lacings and buckles add to that sense of tough elegance. To note: the biker boot is defiantly back and in the front row.

While summer saw us striding around on sky-high platform heels, winter is leading us back to the delicate charms of the pointed stiletto pump with expertly sculpted toe cleavage. As women have known for decades, the higher and slimmer the heel – the better you feel.

Autumn favourites

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Wallet in ochre by Aigner at Ingolstadt Village
€199 €89*
Small wallet in ochre
Tote bag in creme by Gucci at Ingolstadt Village
Tote bag in creme
Bag set by Coach at Ingolstadt Village
€230 €119*
Patterned three-piece bag set
Tie in blue by Boggi Milano at Ingolstadt Village
Boggi Milano
€49 €34,30
Tie in blue
Handbag in black by Gucci at Ingolstadt Village
Handbag in black
Handbag 'Diamond Disco' by MCM at Ingolstadt Village
'Diamond Disco' in black
Backpack in beige by Aigner at Ingolstadt Village
€569 €399*
Backpack in beige
Shoes for men in light brown by Lloyd at Ingolstadt Village
Men's shoes in light brown
Shoulder bag by Gucci at Ingolstadt Village
Shoulder bag in maroon
Handbag 'Diamond Disco' by MCM at Ingolstadt Village
'Diamond Disco' in blue
Women's sneaker from Strenesse at Ingolstadt Village
€259 €169*
Women's sneaker in black/red
* Items available while stocks last.

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