Tom Tailor

As a “new urban player,” TOM TAILOR builds on the brand promise of “Life is a game, play it, be confident, dress in style.” The brand has always attracted consumers who are all about individuality, self-confidence and activity, and who live in a dynamic, urban environment. TOM TAILOR supports this urban player with authentic and confident looks. Firstly, the looks define themselves by means of recreational, sporty and natural components that are based on a sense of style and modernity. In addition, the brand is based on contemporary styles with a clear and concise statement. These styles are self-confident, trendy, elegant, stylish, not too colorful and are made from selected fabrics of exceptional quality. All styles appear in 12 collections per year.
The brand world and the TOM TAILOR product portfolio are rounded off with an extensive selection of accessories. With more than 26 licensed products in different product groups, the portfolio ranges from glasses to purses and all the way to shoes and watches. TOM TAILOR also offers underwear, stockings, perfume, bodywear, belts, jewelry, umbrellas and mobile phone pouches.