Erhard's Lebkuchen

Erhard's Lebkuchen welcomes you between Superdry and Asics!
If you would like to taste the best Lebkuchen (gingerbread) of the Bavaria region, Wolfgang Erhard, owner of the regionally famous Erhard’s is your man. His legendary Lebkuchen are rich in flavour and light in texture, while still keeping that comforting richness the lebkuchen is known for. If his beautiful baked goods don't warm your heart, Erhard can tempt you with eggnog or even biological mulled wine produced locally.

An extra treat is their collaboration with a local family farm from Ingolstadt, creating wonderful products made with pumpkin. The result? A seasonal pumpkin lebkuchen made from Hiermeier's pumkin oil.


10 different varieties of ginger bread, all home made and beautifully presented
• Lebkuchen
• Special Edition

• Eggnog
• Bio Mulled Wine - with and without alcohol


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