Crêpes Couture

Exclusively to Ingolstadt Village, Crêpes Couture is here to give you a taste of France with their original tailor-made French crêpes.

In addition to the classic versions with Nutella or cinnamon and sugar,  Crêpes Couture offers unique seasonal crêpes to put you in the festive mood, autumnal crêpe with camembert and cranberries, or baked apple and cinnamon to bring out the Christmas spirit!

All crêpes are made using only natural ingredients, with each crêpe freshly prepared and made with love.

Crêpes Couture is located between Swarovski and Wolford.


• Crêpe with cinnamon & sugar
• Crêpe with nutella
• Crêpe with apple puree

• Crêpe with cheese and ham
• Crêpe with parmesan cheese

Christmassy Crêpes:
• Crêpe with baked apple and cinnamon
• Crêpe marzipan

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