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Terms & Conditions

This promotional offer was created exclusively for use by registered Miles & More members in Germany (“customers”) and is made available by Value Retail PLC (“Value Retail”). The following conditions apply to this promotional offer:
1. This promotional offer is valid for customers in the timeframe from 3 April to 22 April 2017 (the timeframe of the special offer).
2. Award miles
a. Customers who show their Miles & More service card together with their invitation to participate in this mileage promotion and their cash-register receipts for qualifying purchases (insofar as these receipts total a sum of €350 or more) will receive three miles (instead of the usual one mile) for each euro that they spent in the Villages. Qualifying items are merchandise, including foods and beverages, which were purchased by customers in the participating Chic Outlet Shopping® Villages (as specified below).
b. This mileage promotion can only be taken advantage of on the same date on which the qualifying purchases were made. Retroactive claims are not eligible in the context of this mileage promotion offer. Customers will receive the usual miles (one premium mile per euro spent) for tardily submitted cash-register receipts for items purchased during the timeframe of the special offer.

3. General information
a. This promotional offer is available only in the participating Chic Outlet Shopping® Villages. The participating Chic Outlet Shopping® Villages are Ingolstadt Village and Wertheim Village.
b. The right to use this promotional offer is granted solely to the person who receives this invitation and is not transferrable. This invitation may not be copied, reproduced, disseminated in any form or made available via any means to any person other than the original recipient.
c. This promotion cannot be used in combination with other mileage promotions, special offers, coupons or vouchers.
d. The additional miles earned from this promotion cannot be exchanged for cash.
e. Value Retail reserves the right to withdraw or terminate this offer at any time and for any reason.
f. Value Retail accepts neither direct nor indirect liability for any financial losses or claims for compensation which may arise through the possible termination of this promotional offer. In the event that a customer does not take advantage of this offer for whatever reasons, Value Retail likewise accepts no liability and the customer has no grounds to claim compensation for damages.
g. The award miles will be credited to the customer’s Miles & More account by Miles & More; this crediting can take up to four weeks.
h. This promotional offer is offered by Value Retail PLC, which has the following registered address: 19 Berkeley Street, London, W1J 8ED, United Kingdom.
i. By using this promotional offer, you declare your consent to the validity of these Terms & Conditions. Miles & More terms & conditions exclusively apply to Miles & More miles; these Terms & Conditions can be viewed at



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